Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Merry, Scary Regretsy Christmas!

As if it wasn't enough that the good folks at Regretsy bring us the finest, most bizarre hand-crafted items, they've now birthed a Christmas video in their inimitable style.

It features a number of iconic and/or unusual images with a photo of a cat popping up, Zelig-style, in the midst of them (from Apocalypse Now to the Hindenberg disaster to a zombie movie). All with singing cats musical accompaniment. Zombies? Cats? You had me at "Meow"!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Washington D.C. Snowball Fight Gun Video: What the...?

Here is the most complete video I've seen of the now-infamous incident in which a plainclothes policeman in Washington, D.C. pulls out a gun after his Hummer is hit by snowballs during a street snowball fight. The D.C. snowball fight gun video is five minutes long and although it stops at various times, it shows what seems to be a complete view of the scene.

The cop doesn't immediately identify himself as a police officer, and uniformed police later show up in response to calls about a man with a gun. The plainclothes cop seems to calm down once his uniformed brethren arrive. The crowd, which heard about the planned snowball fight via Facebook and Twitter, start shouting, "You don't bring a gun to a snowball fight!"

The Washington City Paper has an article on the snowball fight gun incident based on eyewitness reports.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Tiger Woods Mistress Count Update: 6? 10? More?

The Tiger Woods philandering controversy isn't settling down. To the contrary, it keeps growing. After the first few days, it seemed there were three women who claimed to have hooked up with the golfer, or were rumored to have. Here's an update, though: As of today the alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Count seems to be up to 9, or 10, depending on your sources.

For the tabloid press and TV, this Tiger Woods mistress story is the gift that keeps on giving... a perfect economic shot-in-the-arm for an other wise dreary holiday season!

Among the names mentioned so far: Mindy Lawton and Jaimee Grubbs (the only two who have publicly admitted having affairs with Woods, according to the New York Daily News), Rachel Uchitel, Holly Sampson, Jaimie Jungers, Kalika Moquin, and Cori Rist.

Jaimee Grubbs was a star on the ironically named VH1 TV show "Tool Academy."

The Daily News also offers a collage of photos of women linked to Tiger Woods, in case you're having trouble keeping them all straight.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Amanda Knox MySpace Page - "Foxy Knoxy" [Update: Where is She Now?]

Above: Amanda Knox's alleged MySpace page. Tom is her only friend! (bottom right).

It turns out that there's a MySpace page for Amanda Knox, the American student convicted the other day of murdering her roommate. The name in the URL is "foxyknoxy03," and the MySpace page and address were shown on TV on a special program about the Knox case on CBS Saturday night.

 * * * * * * * * * *
UPDATE, October 2016: 
Since there's been so much reader interest in Amanda Knox's MySpace page over the years, we thought we'd do an update. (She's active online, as you'll find out below.) MySpace, of course, has long since faded from popularity, and Knox's page went dead before that. 

The good news is that after numerous legal procedures, Amanda Knox is finally free and vindicated for good, and happily living in the Seattle area. We don't know if she's on MySpace anymore, but she is active on Twitter (@amamaknox, a contraction of her full name, Amanda Marie Knox).

Her Twitter bio reads: 
Exoneree. Author of WAITING TO BE HEARD. Columnist for the WEST SEATTLE HERALD. Freelance writer.
Seattle, Washington  ·
Knox appeared on the ABC news program Nightline on Sept. 30, 2016 to talk about her current life as an exoneree, and how she's using her experience to help others. She is something that's the subject of a new Netflix documentary about her case (titled, not surprisingly, "Amanda Knox.") 

There's an Amanda Knox Facebook account, too, which you can find here. Knox current has more than 10,000 people following her public Facebook feed.

 * * * * * * * * * *
The page shows last login as 12/6/08, and the signup date as 2/1/08. In other words, the MySpace page was created while Amanda Knox was in custody in Italy. So was it created by her, or a friend or family member? 

The Amanda Knox MySpace page has info including:

22 years old
seattle, Washington
United States
Last Login:12/6/2008
- - - - - -

Clicking on the blog list on the MySpace page gives this information:

Friday, February 01, 2008
This page is Amanda's Original Myspace Page.
It is reserved for her for when she is released.

Is Tom Anderson really Knox's only friend? Maybe she or her reps haven't had the chance to go through all the numerous friend requests... and comments from various nutcases, no doubt.