Friday, October 27, 2006

Brad Pitt, the Wedgie King

Ever wonder how big-name movie stars cut the tension on a pressure-packed set? For Brad Pitt, the answer seems to be simple: he gives himself a wedgie.

According to an interview scheduled to appear in the 10/30 Entertainment Weekly, the A-list hunk is keeping things loose on the set of "Babel" by pulling up his pants to give himself a wedgie, then sticking out his rear end and waddling like a duck. "Babel" co-star supposedly calls the maneuver the "hungry bum." As Pitt elaborates, it's "when your bum's so hungry it's trying to eat your pants."

I can tell that Pitt's kids are going to grow up with some interesting habits... does Angelina know that her beloved is a self-wedgie king?

In other news from CPN (the Celebrity Pants Network), the High Court in Ireland has put off a decision on the ownership of a pair of pants and other items that were owned by U2 singer Bono.

Turns out that Lola Cashman, a former stylist for the band, was in possession of the pants, a Stetson hat, and other items and was trying to sell them at auction in 2002. She claims the items were given to her by the band when she worked for them in the 1980s. She wrote an unauthorized bio of the band called "Inside the Zoo with U2."

Bono told the court he would not have given away the items, which he said had "iconic" status.

Hmmm, if Bono's trousers have iconic status, then perhaps his male member is a veritable diety?

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