Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Paul Davis Dies; Singer-Songwriter Had a Hit with "I Go Crazy"

Paul Davis, best known for his 1978 pop hit single "I Go Crazy," died Tuesday at a hospital in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi. In an odd twist of fate, he died of complications of a heart attack that he suffered on Monday, which was his 60th birthday.

"I Go Crazy" was a big and long-lived hit for Paul Davis (I remember hearing it on AM radio for many months back in the '70s), but he also had popular chart hits with "Love or Let Me Be Lonely" and "'65 Love Affair." He was able to write successful tunes in pop, country, and soul.

You can hear some of the songs of Paul Davis at his MySpace page.

The singles by Paul Davis included duets with artists including Marie Osmond and Tanya Tucker.

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