Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Antonio Pierce Interns on Howard Stern Show

Antonio Pierce is the latest New York pro athlete to snag an internship with a high-profile company. Just a couple of weeks after Sean Avery of the New York Rangers reportedly began a gig as intern with Vogue magazine, the New York Giants linebacker has signed on as an intern on The Howard Stern Show. It may seem an odd shift for a guy who was playing in, and winning, a Super Bowl ring a few months ago, but Pierce has expressed an interest in being in broadcasting after his playing career is over, so why not?

Newsday's Pet Rock blog says that Pierce had to field questions about his sex life and the NFL lifestyle, and did typical intern duties such as manning the phones, getting prank calls from Stern staff members, giving pointers on throwing a football, and "towel-whipping those who pranked him earlier in the morning."

Apparently this was just a one-day internship though... how much can a person learn in one day? Antonio Pierce apparently did well, and had good things to say about his three children and his fiancé, Jocelyn Pierce. The two are scheduled to wed later this month.

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