Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-fil-A ... Dress Like a Cow, Get Free Food!

My Chik-fil-A Cow-lendar tells me that today is Cow Appreciation Day, and that means that you can get free food for dressing up like a cow. (The more complete your transformation into a cow, the more food you get.) You can learn more at The site includes a section called "Cow Tipping" that gives advice on how to dress up like a cow.

For several years Chik-fil-A has been running an ad campaign meant to look like it was created by cows, urging people to eat chicken instead of beef. The campaign includes sloppily written signs that say things like "Eat mor chikin," and has spawned the popular Chik-fil-A Cow-lendar, which each month features amazingly lifelike photo-illustrations of cows in a variety of positions.

The 2008 Cow-lendar is called One-Hit Wonder Cows and features cows in musical settings ranging from Saturday Night Fever ("Brisket Inferno") to a Wayne Newton-style Vegas act, a boy band, a reggae group, and even a heavy-metal concert scene (called "Slaughterhaus").

The illustrations are pretty detailed, and their creator used a variety of techniques including real cows and life-sized cow models to create them.

As the "Slaughterhaus" cow says, "4 Those Abowt 2 Eat Chikin, we Saloot U."

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