Sunday, April 04, 2010

Zombie Jesus Takes Over the Internet!

Easter is a day for cute, furry bunnies, Easter bonnets, church services, and home-cooked family meals. But on The Interwebz, it is something else: Zombie Jesus Day!

The phrase "zombie Jesus" was perhaps created by atheists or nonbelievers to make light of the on-the-third-day-he-rose aspect of the Easter story, but like many other things, it has morphed into an all-purpose meme when the Internet got its mitts (wires? sockets?) on it.

Zombie Jesus has broken into Google Trends, along with such Easter favorites as "how do I tie a tie," "brown sugar glaze for ham," "deviled egg recipes," and the ever-popular "Is Walmart open on Easter?" (Of course, if Google didn't edit the trending topics, #1 would probably "How early is it permissible to get drunk on Easter?"

(Zombie Jesus has yet to break onto Twitter's trending topics, which would put it on a footing with Justin Beiber and #threewordsaftersex.)

It's not known if appropriate Zombie Jesus Day traditions have emerged: watching zombie movies; pulling an all-nighter so as to be wandering around in a zombie-like, sleepless stupor, etc.

But it's safe to say that as long as there's an Internet, there'll be a Zombie Jesus and Zombie Jesus Day.

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