Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mongolian Death Worms - Latest Threat to Mankind!

As if we weren't worried enough about terrorism, humongous ash clouds, killer volcanoes, and other threats of all kind, the Syfy Channel (formerly Sci-Fi) has given us a new bugaboo to fret over: Mongolian death worms. (Yahoo TV takes a look at "Mongolian Death Worm", explaining the major plot points It also notes that Syfy is the network that brought us the deadly biological freak shows "Mega Piranha" and "Dinoshark." Hmmm...)

It seems that treasure hunters looking for Gengis Khan's tomb get something they didn't bargain for when they encounter these creepy crawlies.

The name alone tells you these are bad mothers you do NOT want to mess with. If not, view the clip above. Mongolian death worms look just like big, ugly, overgrown hybrids of worms and insects, and it was disturbing indeed to watch one devour a poor guy in the clip above. The mouthparts of the Mongolian death worm look kind of like a big anus, with a long inner part (similar to the "Alien" retractable head) that pops out to grab the prey out... sort of like a telescoping killer hemorrhoid.

So maybe the way to kill Mongolian death worms is to drop a 500-pound bomb filled with Preparation H on its ugly anus-head?

We can find out for sure when "Mongolian Death Worm" premieres on Syfy at 9 p.m. Eastern time. Sean Patrick Flanery ("Boondock Saints") is the primary human tasked with kicking the Mongolian death worm's ass (sorry, couldn't resist).

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