Friday, April 01, 2011

Google Introduces Gmail Motion!

Desk jockeys will have not excuse for not getting out of their chairs with Google's new Gmail Motion. This system gets you away from the keyboard by using body motions to execute Gmail tasks.

See the video at the Gmail Motion website for a demonstration. For example, to reply to a message, lift your hand and point your thumb behind you. For "reply all," point both hands behind you. What could be easier?

Note: do not try these Gmail Motion commands in certain situations, such as why walking across an airport tarmac to board a plane. Pilots may interpret your motions as directions to them and result in an aircraft accident.

Gmail Motion was announced by Google on April 1st, 2011.

And speaking of April 1st, those folks at Google have added another amusing note to our Internet experience, replacing the traditional YouTube logo with a retro-looking "YouTube 1911" logo. Sometimes it does seem like YouTube has been around since 1911, doesn't it? (Especially when watching some of those laughably dated early-1980s music videos—they really do look like they were made 100 years ago.

Enjoy Gmail Motion and YouTube 1911... I'll make a note here if I come across any other Google April 1st gags.

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