Sunday, November 19, 2006

Honey, I Poked the Picasso

Casino owner Steve Wynn made a very artistic statement a few weeks back when he accidentally poked a hole in the world's most expensive painting. The Picasso work is one that Wynn owns–and that he had just agreed to sell to for $139 million. Wynn was showing the painting at his office in the plush Las Vegas hotel when he accidentally poked it with his elbow, creating two three-inch tears in it.

Hollywood screenwriter Nora Ephron recounted the incident in her blog at the Huffington Post , noting that Wynn has an eye disease that can cause him to misjudge distances. Wynn was pretty casual about the whole incident; no one got hurt, he said, and he took the incident as an omen that he shouldn't sell the painting after all.

My take: And I thought it was bad when the cat peed on the rug...

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