Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kevin Federline is Ex'ed by Text

Say it ain't so, Britney! Or at least say it ain't so, well, tacky. Britney Spears dumped husband Kevin Federline via text message–and he read the message while he was in Canada being filmed for a reality TV show. A Web video of Federline reading the text message–which happened right after he said Spears was his biggest fan–become the most-viewed video on YouTube on Thursday, receiving more than a million hits. Now that's a celebrity breakup with so many media/technology angles that it makes your head spin. With fans like Britney, who needs enemies?

OK, so K-Fed has dubious musical talents and has a habit of mooching off of women with money. But c'mon, we're not talking about blowing off a casual boyfriend, K-Fed is her husband, for God's sake–and the father of her two children. Wouldn't you think that would at least warrant a phone call? Does Britney's baby need to text Mommy when she needs a diaper change?

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