Saturday, March 03, 2007

Geico Cavemen to Get Their Closeup in Their Own TV Sitcom

Those wacky cavemen from the Geico TV commercials aren't so dense after all. A sitcom has been developed based on the caveman character that appears in the car insurance company's commercials.

The trade paper Variety says that the sitcom, in development for ABC, will deal with three cavemen living in modern-day Atlanta. As in the commercials, they'd deal with people's perceptions that cavemen are backwards. The Geico cavemen, though having the excessive hair and facial features of grunting, cave-dwelling folks we see portrayed in movies, are actually quite sophisticated and urbane. They order trendy dishes at nice restaurants, hang out at trendy caveman nightspots, and dress and talk in an urbane manner.

The writer of the Geico commercials may write the sitcom as well.

In one Geico commercial, a caveman heading to his flight in an airport is frustrated when he sees by a Geico poster with the slogan, " So easy a caveman could do it!", featuring a caveman character dressed in animal skins and carrying a club.

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Shawn C. said...

These commercials are great, but I had no idea they were launching a sitcom now!