Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fidel Castro Trying Out for "Cavemen"?

Top: Current cavemen. Bottom: New caveman?

Rumors are flying in Cuba and elsewhere that dictator Fidel Castro was on a secret mission in Hollywood to try out for a role on ABC's new Fall sitcom, "Cavemen." Castro was not seen at celebrations for Cubas's revolution day a couple of weeks ago, and observes have speculated about his whereabouts.

Cuban government officials and ABC-TV execs declined comment when asked about the matter, but sources said that the hirsute dictator was intrigued about the "Cavemen" series and thought he would be a natural for a supporting on-screen role.

"Fidel's got the hair and the beard, he really wouldn't need much time in the makeup trailer," one Hollywood source said. "And Fidel's friends have said that he was fascinated by the whole plotline of the series, the cavemen feeling discriminated against and having trouble fitting in."

Naturally, getting paid network wages would bring much-needed cash to the dictator, whose country has been under trade sanctions by the U.S. for decades. And a friend of Fidel's said that after more than half a century of wearing green military fatigues, Castro was practically drooling at the idea of running loose in a Hollywood wardrobe trailer.

Fidel's brother Raul was filling in for his brother at the revolution celebrations. Fidel hasn't been seen in public for a year.

Is Fidel going Hollywood? Look at the photos above and judge for yourself.

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