Friday, April 18, 2008

Marcus Buckingham - How to Take Control of Your Career and Life

Marcus Buckingham was a guest on the Oprah show today, talking about how people can grab control of their careers and other aspects of their lives. Buckingham is a consultant and motivational speaker who is called a "strengths coach," which I guess is something like a life coach who specializes in building on a person's strengths.

You can find the details of Buckingham's workshop at

In his appearance on Oprah, Marcus Buckingham concentrated on finding out whether folks were satisfied in their jobs. He spoke with several people and had "I Hate My Job Interventions," drawing on the principles taught in his book Go Put Your Strengths to Work.

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jennyhunt said...

Marcus has some amazing insights into how to change your life around. Another person to read is Jenifer Fox. She's written YOUR CHILD'S STRENGTHS. A must-read for any parent, teacher, anyone dealing with children, teens. And Marcus endorses the book in his Forward.