Sunday, November 29, 2009

BBC's Funny Talking Animals - "Walk on the Wild Side" Preview

I don't usually spend a lot of time at YouTube, but these talking-animal videos from the BBC have kept be laughing much of the Thanksgiving weekend. The marmot who keeps shouting "Alan! Alan!" cracks me up, as well as the critters standing on their hind legs who seem to be relieving themselves and the giraffes who keep smacking each other's necks.

Unfortunately, I can't access BBC shows in the U.S. so I have no idea what this TV show they're promoting is all about - it can't be a half hour of odd animals with human voiceovers, I'm guessing. (Or maybe it is: a note on one of the videos says that the series "combines the comedy talents of Jason Manford and friends together with some jaw-dropping natural history footage.")

There are many other "Walk on the Wild Side" videos on YouTube, too, including a frog conducting Beethoven, an exotic bird dancing to Michael Jackson, and a lion who gets his hair cut to look like Elton John.

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