Monday, January 11, 2010

"I Already Work Around the Clock!" - Harrison Ford Line Lights Up the Internet

There's nothing like a new Internet meme to create a warm and fuzzy feeling of community, and the latest catch phrase buzzing around is a line from the new Harrison Ford movie, "Extraordinary Measures": "I already work around the clock!" (the blessed words are spoken about a minute and a half into the trailer above).

As an article on notes, "I already work around the clock!" has gone viral, with an ESPN sportscaster claiming to have used it 25 times in a day. The article also refers to a Web site,, where you can hear the line repeated on infinite loop, with a photo of the angry Harrison Ford for inspiration.

"Extraordinary Measures" is about a father, Brendan Fraser, who seeks the help of a scientist (Ford) to find a cure for the disease that has stricken his children. Ford utters the now-famous line when Fraser tells him they must work around the clock to find the answer to the disease.

Will "I already work around the clock!" claim a place in the pantheon of other famous movie lines that have become Internet and pop-culture memes? Will it have the staying power of "Put the coffee down!," Alec Baldwin's classic from "Glengarry Glen Ross"? We'll find out when "Extraordinary Measures" opens January 22nd.

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