Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pizza Rat: Lovable NYC Hero; Now a Halloween Costume Idea

Everyone loves a touching story of a little guy who overcomes adversity to achieve his dream. And many people are looking for a last-minute costume idea for Halloween. What's the connection between the two? Pizza Rat, of course!

Pizza Rat became the toast (crust?) of NYC when someone filmed the little fellow dragging a pizza slice more than twice its size down a stairway in a subway station. Below is the 14-second video that turned this hard-working New Yorker into a star.

And check CNN's story on the phenomenon that is Pizza Rat. Of course, Mr. Rat soon had his own Twitter account, @NYCPizzaRat.

Naturally, someone came up with the idea to create a Pizza Rat Halloween costume... but in the form of a sexy dress with only a couple of pizza-slice accents (below). Seriously folks, if you're going to create a Pizza Rat costume that does justice to the original, the slice has to be much more prominent: like twice as big as the person wearing it.

Pizza Rat costume
Pizza Rat costume. Pretty light on the pizza, am I right?

Mr. Rat is not impressed. Not least of all because the outfit is 90 bucks and he's not seeing a dime of it...

Pizza Rat comment on costume
Pizza Rat may have to call his lawyer to get satisfaction.

Pizza Rat hasn't tweeted for a while. Maybe he's just been too busy chasing down pizza or spilled Halloween candy on the subway. Or maybe he's been in touch with his lawyer from Jacoby & Meyers about his identity being stolen for that Halloween costume. If you want to pay homage to Mr. Rat skip the cutesy, pricey faux-rat costume and design your own Pizza Rat outfit that does justice to our urban icon. And remember, the pizza slice should be twice as big as you are.

In any case, rock on, little friend. And know that you are a true New Yorker and an inspiration to us all.

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