Thursday, December 14, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas? No, Just the Opposite

Contrary to the Nicholas Cage film (and Sheryl Crow song) of that title, very few people are Leaving Las Vegas. To the contrary, Vegas is the nation's fastest growing city, with some estimates saying it's adding 5,000 new residents each month.

Business is booming in Vegas, and it's not just casinos. Many companies are starting up in or moving to Las Vegas, and Californians frustrated with congestion or high home prices are moving east to places such as Vegas that are still within striking distance of the Los Angeles area. Though Las Vegas can be a competitive environment, there are plenty of opportunities for making money, including startups and entrepreneurial ventures.

So how to test the waters? Many new arrivals start out by renting a home and getting a feel for the area, then buying later on when they are more established and have a better sense of the neighborhood where they'd like to settle.

There are all types of housing options in the city, from existing single-family homes to apartments to new construction to Las Vegas Highrise Condos. And buyers of new homes will find a number of incentives, including paid closing costs, free appliance upgrades, assistance with downpayments, and more.

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