Monday, December 11, 2006

Pimping the Crib (the Baby's Crib, That Is)

Today's tech-loving parents know it's never too early to pamper their little bundle of joy. And since everyone has an iPod these day, why should the smallest consumers be deprived of listening to some kickin' tunes just because they can't walk, talk, or even use the toilet?

A company called Munchkin has come out with a product called iCrib and, you guessed it, it's an iPod holder/player designed to be installed on the side railing of baby's crib. The idea is to play some music that will lull the little one to sleep, though it could also be used to introduce Little Ozzie to Black Sabbath or Metallica. Or give junior a leg up on getting into that exclusive French nursery school camp by playing French lessons.

The iCrib dock lets parents play custom tracks for kids, set volume limits to avoid waking the little one, use a timer, and avoid tripping in the dark with a nightlight feature that even can be set to different colors. It goes for about $30 at and other retailers.

Now if they could just design some massive subwoofers to go with iCrib, baby could really rock out...

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