Friday, July 20, 2007

Beer, Donuts, Action: Simpsons Movie Premiere in Vermont

The eyes of the world will be on Springfield, Vermont tomorrow when it hosts the world premiere of The Simpsons movie. The premiere will host creator Matt Groenig, show developer Jim Brooks, and other celebs on a big yellow carpet.

The Vermont town with 9,300 residents beat out 13 other U.S. municipalities named Springfield, and it's hosting a festival to celebrate the movie's worldwide premiere. The Simpsons movie will start playing at 2 p.m., with the first screening being a VIP event reserved for the filmmakers, Fox execs, and members of the team that created Springfield, Vermont's winning video submission. The video made the case for why the town should be chosen to host The Simpsons premiere, and was cited as a big reason for the town's win.

Springfield, Vermont actually has some similarities to the Simpsons' hometown; it has a bowling alley and a local pub and even a nuclear power plant (Vermont Yankee) not too far away.

Legndary Vermont ice-cream entrepreneurs Ben & Jerry will be introducing a one-day-only special ice cream flavor called "Duff & D'Oh Nuts," honoringHomer Simpson's two great loves in life, beer and donuts. Supposedly the ice cream includes little glazed chocolate donuts and really does have some stout beer in it. Sounds like one day will be quite long enough for that flavor.


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VTvid said...

I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After we helped our local Chamber of Commerce win the contest, they turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town to be invited to view the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie but instead we were kept off the invitation list so the more elite members of the community could all be invited instead. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater. Read more and view our famous winning video now at our new website:
The Simpsons Springfield Vermont