Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Keep Up with All the Hot New NHL Prospects

Now is the time when hope springs eternal throughout the NHL: the entry draft has been held, and every team is looking to improve. As the wheeling and dealing heats up, hockey fans have a great source for keeping up on all the prospect news and player movement: HockeysFuture.com.

This is a comprehensive site with a huge array of information, stats, and links on the latest news surrounding the hockey draft. Go to the site's home page and you'll find prospect pages and draft reviews for each NHL team, a list of the top 50 prospects, rankings of each team organization with strengths and weaknesses, the ISS top ten, and more. Inside the site you'll find news, opinions, and answers to readers' questions, among other things.

There are plenty of details on players, teams, and prospects, and the site lets you get involved with chat rooms and boards for exchanging rumors on trades and free agents.

Until the first puck drops this Fall, you can get your NHL fix and get all the details on the hockey draft at HockeysFuture.com.

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