Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Easy Way to Get Your Daily Veggies

Most people these days are too busy to eat right, and that means lots of us have expanding waistlines and aren't exactly getting the best nutrition. Everyone knows that eating vegetables is important not only for good health now but for the long-term, but few Americans eat anywhere near the recommended amounts of veggies.

Now a company has come out with a new product called My Daily Veggies, which lets people easily include vegetables in their everyday diet. The product is made from real vegetables that are dried and conveniently portioned into packets, with each packet containing two full servings of vegetables.

I can drink My Daily Veggies easily by mixing the contents of a packet with water, or by mixing them into all kinds of foods. It's easy to stir My Daily Veggies into dips, rice, drinks, chili, and much more. There are countless ways to use it (and if you run out of ideas, the company's Web site has plenty of suggestions).

Since My Daily Veggies is made of real vegetables, you get all the nutritional benefits. It contains all the nutrition of real fresh (or canned or frozen) vegetables--vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber. And it contains no added sodium, sugar, or preservatives.

You can use My Daily Veggies as a daily dietary supplement at home, keep it in your office or car for on the go food, use it for convenient camping food, and more.

I personally like eating vegetables, but don't always have time to prepare them. Putting My Daily Veggies in chili, salsa, soup, or rice is a great way to get all the veggies I need without spending a lot of time shopping, peeling, cutting, and cooking vegetables. Good nutrition doesn't get any easier.

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