Sunday, February 04, 2007

Create Your Own Podcast with Free Hosting

Podcasting is one of the greatest technology innovations in recent years, in my opinion. Anyone from major news organizations to garage rock bands to ordinary people in their own bedrooms can create audio and video programs, and have them downloaded by listeners all over the world. I've become hooked: I now subscribe to over 25 podcasts.

One of the biggest costs in creating a podcast is hosting--that is, paying a provider to supply the storage space and downloading capability for your podcasts. That cost just went down to zero with a new Free Podcast Hosting offer. is now offering free membership for podcasters including free podcast hosting, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

If you're thinking of starting a podcast, you'll definitely want check out this offer. With free hosting, you can spend your money on other things--like those cool new microphones and recorders!

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