Sunday, February 04, 2007

Love Means Never Sending Another Boring Valentine's Day Card

If you care enough to send a birthday, Valentine's, or other card to a friend or loved one, why would you send them some bland, generic greeting?

I always send cards that are humorous or off-color (umm, unless it's condolences on someone's death, that is). They're fun, friendly, and definitely are going to be remembered long after those cards with sunsets and sappy poetry have been put out for recycling. has a large selection of free, funny Valentine's Day eCards that you can send. While many people opt for the sappy, silly, sugary cards for their significant others, I look at it this way: Do I really want to be involved with someone who doesn't have a sense of humor?! Check out their new "Cupid's Pickup Lines" and other Valentine cards and see if you don't agree.

But hey, to each his own. Even if you opt for sending a sappy card to your snug-'ems cookie-puss, has plenty of other funny and risque eCards for birthdays, anniversaries, and just about any other occasion you can think of.

You can personalize any card with your own message and pictures. And if you're feeling commitment-phobic around Valentine's Day, you'll be glad to know that can get a free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards. After that a yearly subscription is only $13.99. If only all relationships were that simple...

If you're an Egreetings member you can schedule eCards to arrive on a specific date, so you'll always get cards out on time. Sending eCards can save time and money too, as opposed to buying and mailing paper greeting cards. Give it a try!

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