Friday, February 23, 2007

Find Quality Steiner Binoculars for Every Purpose

Nothing brings you closer to the action than a good pair of binoculars. And binoculars from Steiner are more than just good. These fine German optics have been known for quality and precision for more than 50 years and have models that are great for outdoor, marine, military, and birdwatching purposes.

And if you're going to buy top-quality Steiner binoculars, you'll want to buy them from an expert optics dealer. Sure, you can find binoculars at all kinds of stores, but how much is the sales person or Web site really going to know about them? Eagle Optics has the great low prices you want, but features the selection and exceptional customer service you'd expect from a knowledgeable optics store. What's more, Eagle Optics gives you free financing on orders over $200.

Steiner offers a number of specialized model lines, and you'll find them at Eagle. For example, there's the Merlin line for the birder, naturalist, or hunter. The Night Hunter models with extra-bright images for long-range wildlife viewing. And the Peregrine line provides a great combination of portability, color reproduction, and light-gathering ability.

No matter what size or magnification you're looking for, Steiner and Eagle have the right pair of binoculars for you needs.

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