Friday, October 05, 2007

Spray-On Condoms: TV Show Sparks Growing Interest

Every product would like to get the, umm, exposure that that spray-on condom received a couple of weeks ago.

CSI: New York featured a German-developed spray-on condom in the plot line of its season-opening episode, which revolved around a murder and an act of vandalism inside the Statue of Liberty.

Late last year a company called Vinico World of Condoms announced the spray-on condom, to be applied right before sex, as a solution to the opening, fumbling, and bumbling in bed that occurs with traditional condoms. Vinico's Web site offers some details in English.

According to an article published last December, tests were them being conducted by the "Institute for Condom Consultancy" (wonder if this is a government agency or part of the company?), with the product expected to hit the market in 2008. One can was supposed to give 20 applications, and cost around $27.

Maybe the product is ready now? Or maybe the CSI: New York creators thought the spray-on condom would be a fun item to mix into their toolkit of forensic techniques and evidence.

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