Thursday, January 25, 2007

Game On--and Online--for NHL Hockey Fans

Like many hockey fans, I was holding my breath when the NHL returned from its lockout. Would the level of play suffer? Would the fans come back? Would there be a TV contract so I could actually watch games that aren't featuring my hometown teams?

The good news is that the league came back with a lot of excitement, partly due to new rules that helped open up the offense. The bad news is that the NHL is getting less mainstream media coverage than ever. I couldn't watch the All-Star game last night because my cable system doesn't carry the VS. network.

Fortunately there are NHL forums where hockey fans can get together and exchange information with other people who love the game. The site has been around for five years and is one of the biggest online hockey forums. You'll find discussions on NHL teams and players, trade rumors and free-agent talk, prospect insights, the business of hockey, and more.

Whether you're a fan of the Original 6 or of one of the newer teams in the South or West, you can show your passion for the game anytime on NHL forums.

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