Friday, January 26, 2007

How to View Paris Hilton's Private Items on the Web

In case there are some people who still can't get enough of Paris Hilton, a new Web site offers a treasure trove of the hotel heiress's personal belongings.

The site, featuring the titillating title, went live on Tuesday, January 23rd and features a breathless array of thousands of items that were left at a storage facility in the Los Angeles area. The items were allegedly bought at auction by an unidentified purchaser after payments weren't made on the storage space. Hilton's spokesman Eliot Mintz has told the Associated Press that "all of our legal options" are being explored regarding the matter of the ParisExposed Web site.

You'd think someone of Hilton's notoriety would want to make sure that her personal items were stored in a secure place, which would be paid up so the items don't fall into the hands of the great unwashed masses. But hey, we're talking about Paris here.

So what was Paris keeping in that 6,000-square-foot storage facility? No dead bodies or anything, but claims to have just about everything else, from sex videos and love letters to diary entries, photos of young Paris, receipts and bank statements, and recorded phone conversations. Plus thousands of phone numbers of celebrity friends (who we hope are a bit more careful than Ms. Hilton about securing their personal property). promises never-before-seen sex videos as well as hundreds of other videos, including a "sexy bubble bath" video, and "drug use that makes Tony Montana look like a missionary."

But wait, you'd probably say, there must be a catch! Well, you'd be right: you'll have to pay a monthly fee of $39.97 to join the "Paris Exposed VIP Club" and view the items on the site. This supposedly gives you searchable access to all the Paris items, updates as more materials are scanned in, and apparently a chat room to share your delight and fascination with new online Paris-holics you'll meet at the site.

For those who just have to be up on All Things Paris, this site should whet their appetite until Paris drops her next scandalous publicity bomb.

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