Sunday, January 28, 2007

IncParadise: Big Benefits for Small Businesses

We've all heard about how blogging allows anyone to put their personal thoughts out in cyberspace, but the phenomenon can also be a big boon for small business., for example, lets small businesses put their triumphs, setbacks, insights, and questions online instantly for all to learn from, share, and comment on. It offers a range of real-world business advice that business owners can use.

Brief, to-the-point articles cover topics ranging from handling entertainment expenses to avoiding common branding mistakes to properly sending out 1099 forms.

How can you terminate an employee in a manner that is not only less stressful for all involved, but reduces your exposure to litigation? What services does AT&T's new small-business Web portal offer, and is it right for you? How can your business hold on to its valuable employees?

The challenges of running a small business are daunting, but with entrepreneurs can exchange advice and information to succeed and grow.

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