Thursday, January 25, 2007

George W., You're the New American Idol!

Is the nastyness of American Idol turning people off, or is President Bush on a charm offensive? Whatever the case, the president's State of the Union address bested American Idol in the ratings.

The Prez got an estimated 45.5 million people watching him, while Simon Cowell and company could muster up a measly 32.6 million. Of course, American Idol was only showing on one station, while the president's address was broadcast on just about every network except for Home & Garden and Home Shopping Network.

What's more, Bush did better in his audition for the public and the new Democratic Congress than most American Idol contestants this season. Well, at least the contestants we've seen on TV so far. Who knows how many good performances were left on the cutting room floor to make room for the bad performances, which give viewers at home the chance to cheer or jeer Cowell's caustic cut-downs.

Cowell had no critique to make of the president's performance, as far as we know; we guess he's leaving that to incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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