Friday, March 14, 2008

All Ashley, All the Time: Ashley Alexandra Dupré Photos, Songs, Offers

It didn't take long for Ashley Alexandra Dupré to get her wish to be well-known and in demand. There are racy photos of her in the newspapers, an offer to pose in the altogether, and even interest in her music. A few developments as of today:

* The New York Post put a topless Dupré photo on its cover (with hands tastefully placed to make the shot less risque). The headline screams "Bad Girl," while the main story proclaims, "OMG! I JUST DID THE GOVERNOR!: SPITZ HOOKER'S DC DISCOVERY"

* The New York Post also published a series of racy Dupré photos on its Web site, which it says are a "New York Post exclusive" and apparently were taken at a photo shoot last year

* Ashley Alexandra Dupré is also getting more attention to her music. Her MySpace page has received a total of over 7.2 million hits, and radio station Z100 in New York says one of Dupré's songs is its most-requested tune

* A few of Dupré's songs are also available for sale online. Her MySpace page links to a site that lets visitors hear and buy at least three tunes

* And last but certainly not least, Penthouse magazine has reportedly asked her to pose for a photo session

Ashley Alexandra Dupré is definitely getting her 15 minutes of fame. We'll see what she does with it.

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