Friday, March 14, 2008

St. Patrick's Day in New York - Pubs and Bars

It seems you can't walk more than a block or two in Manhattan without coming across an Irish bar, but not all are authentic, or good. So how can you find a good place to have a drink (or a few, or a dozen) for the St. Patrick's Day season?

The New York Times comes up with a few that it considers some of the best, but it's a pretty small list.

A much more comprehensive listing can be found at, a New York entertainment guide that's heavy on bar listings. As you'd expect from a site put together by a guy named Murphy, there is an almost overwhelming number of Irish bars, pubs, restaurants, taverns, and music spots included here. They call it their "Ultimate NYC St. Patrick's Month Listings" (why limit the fun to one day, or even one weekend?). And despite the name, this guide lists plenty of parades and parties throughout the metropolitan area, including Long Island.

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