Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey, Gilligan! Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) Busted for Pot!

If you've ever wondered what farm-girl Mary Ann on the '60s TV show "Gilligan's Island" is up to these days, well, she's been busted for possession of marijuana.

She was stopped by police in Idaho for erratic driving on Feb. 29th, and is serving six months' probation. I hadn't heard of "Mary Ann" in decades, and one thing she's been up to is getting older. I was surprised to learn that Dawn Wells is now 69 years old.

Her supporters claim that the weed belonged to a friend of hers who was using the car, and the friend backed this story up. But Wells was found to be under the influence. Which explains that mellow-looking smile on her face in her booking photo (at the link above). The pot possession charges were dropped.

Dawn Wells has apparently stayed active in the entertainment business: she's the founder of the Idaho Film and Television Institute and is also involved in organizing "Spud Fest," an annual family movie festival in Idaho. You can find out about all her film and TV roles at her IMDB page.

Personally, I would have suspected Gilligan himself as the "Gilligan's Island" castaway most likely to become a pothead.

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