Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pentagon Testing "Active Denial" Ray Gun System

If you watched "60 Minutes" tonight, you saw that interesting story on a new non-lethal weapon the Pentagon is testing. It's called the Active Denial System, and it looks like a satellite dish (only it's flat and square) mounted on the top of a truck.

What the Active Denial System does is to direct a 100,000-watt beam of very high frequency radio waves at the target, which makes a person feel intense heat on the skin that apparently gives the sensation that the skin is burning. And the sensation is felt even if the person is wearing heavy clothing.

According to the Department of Defense the Active Denial System doesn't cause any permanent damage to the people on the receiving end (provided they don't get too much exposure to it). And it seems the blast can work from quite a distance away.

At the link above you can read the "60 Minutes" story and see video of the poor correspondent who reported the story, and volunteered to be on the receiving end of the Active Denial System to see what it felt like!

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