Saturday, March 01, 2008

Roger Von Bergendorff Identified as Man in Vegas Hospital in Ricin Case

Sources have said that Roger Von Bergendorff is the name of the man who has been in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital after being exposed to the deadly toxin ricin in a city motel. What's more, the hotel suite where the vials of ricin were found also contained guns and literature about anarchy, including information on ricin.

Von Bergendorff is said to be 57 years old. He reportedly called emergency services on Feb. 14th, saying he was suffering from respiratory distress. Despite finding ricin, the firearms, and the anarchic literature, Las Vegas police say that there is no terrorist threat or danger to the community from the ricin. Maybe someone is splitting hairs over the definition of terrorism, but obviously someone in that hotel room was up to no good. The man's symptoms are consistent with ricin exposure; other people tested as a precaution have show no signs of exposure to the toxin.

The Salt Lake City Deseret News reports that two men being investigated in connection to the vials of ricin have a connection to Riverton, Utah.

The FBI confirmed to the Deseret Morning News on Saturday that two people involved in the investigation are from Riverton.
Maybe someone should call the CSI folks and get Gil Grissom and his crew on the case. Yes, Grissom will make some odd, irrelevant comments and start talking about his fascination with bugs, but the team will get the job done.

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