Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Designer Cats are Here from Lifestyle Pets

Last year we heard that the company Lifestyle Pets was planning on selling hypoallergenic cats (cats that would not cause sneezing, wheezing, and other symptoms in people with cat allergy). And they are apparently offering other "exotic" type cats from different breeds.

One of the Lifestyle Pets is said to be called the Ashera cat, which sells for over $20,000. There's been some controversy over whether the Ashera (a Lifestyle Pets trademark) is really just a Savannah cat ... not your average cat by any means, but much less pricey than the Ashera. One recentarticle says that Savannahs got for about $5,000, and says that Dutch authorities have seized some cats from Lifestyle Pets, citing laws that forbid "the sale or trade of protected species and their offspring."

Lifestyle Pets also sells the Allerca GD and the Chakan GD cats ("GD" stands for "genetic divergences," I've read). The Allerca cat is the hypoallergenic cat, although it sounds like the other cats can be bred in hypoallergenic forms.

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