Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Magical Lizzy" - Practicing the World's Oldest Work-at-Home Profession?

Apparently a Maryland women was earning a living by combining the new work-at-home ethic with the world's oldest profession. Police in Maryland have arrested a woman and charged her with running a prostitution business at her apartment complex, according to a story from Fox News.

The story say that the 35-year-old Laurel woman, named Elizabeth Harrison, went by the name "Magical Lizzy" on a Web site. Anne Arundel County Police have charged Harrison with criminal counts including "receiving money from prostitutes with the intent of promoting and profiting from a crime," Fox says.

Residents of the apartment complex where "Magical Lizzy" lives had complained to police about men and women visiting her apartment at all hours. Police had determined that the women were advertising online, offering sexual services. The police conducted a raid and the arrest of "Magical Lizzy" after an undercover officer was solicited for sexual acts.

Many people have discovered the convenience of working at home, but I doubt that prostitution is a recommended job to start up from one's home.

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