Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Tracker

Lots of people are trying to find an Easter Bunny Tracker online to follow the furry fellow's progress on Easter Sunday.

This seems odd to me, because I don't recall the Easter bunny going around from house to house giving out Easter goodies. Yes, Easter is well known for baskets filled with candy and colored eggs... along with some of those eggs hidden for scavenger hunts. But he's not Santa Claus, going around to homes all over distributing the loot himself.

I'm guessing the whole "Easter Bunny Tracker" got started as a spin-off of the Santa Claus Tracker, wherein some organization set up a Web site where kids could supposedly follow Santa's progress as he gave out gifts all over the world.

But the Easter bunny? That's not how he rolls, as far as I know. Given the volume of searches on the Web for "Easter Bunny Tracker," I'm sure it's only a matter of time until somebody comes up with a Web site that claims to provide a tracker service for following the Easter bunny as he goes hopping around on Easter.


Anonymous said...

Easy on the Java buddy!!!

Launchpad said...

Java? You mean coffee or the computer Java?

I like the Ramones pic on your blog...

Jeff said...

The Easter Bunny is real and I can prove it with my iPhone! I recently downloaded the Easter Bunny Tracker app from the iPhone app store and it's awesome! My kids are going to have so much fun in the coming weeks listening in on everything that's going on around Easter Island. So far, it's very creative and I'm sure worth the .99! No more bah humbug about the big EB! :)