Friday, February 22, 2008

Age Progression Shows "Britney Spears Will Age Horribly"

It's said that you are what you eat (and drink, and smoke, and snort, etc.), and the experts at a firm specializing in "age progression" have painted a rather ugly simulation of what Britney Spears may look like as she gets older.

The firm Age Progression specializes in creating artist renditions of what people will look like as they get older based on their lifestyle and other factors. (One of their specialties is the type of pictures you see for missing children, showing how they might look years after they are kidnapped.) And according to their illustrations, Britney's love of fast food, drink, drugs, and partying do not bode well for her attractiveness in the future.

An article on an Australian news site shows two depictions of Spears based on age progression, one at age 36 and one at age 46. Be forewarned: it's not a pretty sight!

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