Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lennon Murphy vs. Yoko Ono: Musical Smackdown?

The singer Lennon Murphy has been slapped with a lawsuit by Yoko Ono, the widow of murdered Beatle John Lennon. The matter seems to turn on what's in a name, especially when it concerns the music and legacy of a very famous cultural icon.

Lennon Murphy was named after John Lennon, but she didn't seem to attract the ire of Yoko Ono until she recently started calling her band simply Lennon. She says she even received a trademark for the name to use for her band. In a reaction to Ono's lawsuit on her Web site,, Murphy claims that Ono didn't complain about the use of the Lennon name until the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit was about to run out.

Lennon Murphy says she is using the name Lennon by itself because Murphy is her father's name, and she implies that she doesn't want to be associated with her father.

Lennon Murphy vs. Yoko Ono is an odd match: a young, bepierced singer who is a member of the Suicide Girls nude photo ensemble, being sued by a 60-something Japanese-born avante-garde singer and artist. Ono's certainly got the financial firepower on her side, but if she comes down too hard on Lennon Murphy she may face a public backlash. Stay tuned to see how this legal and musical wrangling will play out...

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