Sunday, February 03, 2008

Todd Oldham and Charley Harper: An Unlikely but Fruitful Collaboration

Fashion designer Todd Oldham forged an unexpected collaboration, and friendship, with Charley Harper, an artist from an older generation and a totally different style from Oldham.

CBS Sunday Morning did a story on the unique friendship and collaboration between Oldham and Harper. It turns out that one of Oldham's favorite books from childhood was illustrated by Harper: the Golden Book of Biology. Five years ago Oldham unexpectedly came across Ford Times, a promotional magazine from the car company, and was so intrigued by it that he searched to find the man who designed it (it was Harper).

The two ended up becoming friends, and Oldham says that Harper and his work have had a big influence on the designs he now works on. Harper, unfortunately, has since died at the age of 84.

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