Saturday, February 23, 2008 The Site for All Things Jackass

The Jackass crew says it has taken over the MTV studios in New York for 24 hours, beginning at noon Saturday, Feb. 23rd. Would this be considered a friendly takeover or a hostile takeover (to use Wall Street lingo, which is appropriate since the NASDAQ studio is across the street from MTV)?

In any case, there's a Web site for the "jackassworld 24 hour takeover", of course. In the words of the home page, "Throughout the duration of the on air televised meltdown of the network, we’ll have our own exclusive take on all the events happening on and—more importantly—off screen." also features highlights from Jackass, behind-the-scenes clips of Lance Bangs and others, a "voyeur cam" to catch any racy behavior throughout the studios, and more... including games, contests, and polls.

If you're a Jackass fan, this would seem to be your weekend to throw open your window, stick out your head, and shout, "I am jackass, hear me roar!"

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