Monday, February 04, 2008

Bobby Knight Resigns, Abruptly, as Texas Tech Coach

Bobby Knight, the legendary college basketball coach with the legendary temper, abruptly resigned today as coach of Texas Tech, effective immediately. His son Pat Knight, who has been groomed as Knight's heir apparent, will replace him... granted, the son was set to take over, but still you'd think Bobby Knight would at least give more than a day's notice!

But this is just the latest episode from the coach who throughout his career got the most out of his players and insisted they get good grades, but on the other hand was also known for profanity-laced rants, throwing a chair across the court during a game, and even choking a player once.

Knight is a Hall of Fame coach with more than 900 victories, most of them earned at his longtime employer, Indiana University. He even won three national titles at Indiana. But eventually his behavior became too much of an embarrassment for IU to take, and he was fired. He later took the Texas Tech job, and actually lasted 6 or 7 seasons there.

A friend of Knight's said that he just decided this was the time for him to leave, that the 67-year-old coach "had thoughts all along that it’s going to happen, and today is the day.” Yeah, but quitting immediately isn't exactly proper protocol.

I'm guessing Bobby Knight won't take another coaching job. Maybe he'll just retire and sit by a lake and go fishing... or try to catch fish by throwing chairs at them. Or play shuffleboard at a retirement home... or throw chairs across the shuffleboard court. I'll be curious to see what he ends up doing.

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