Wednesday, February 20, 2008

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” to Howl Again on TV

After being taken off the air for using a racial slur in a conversation with his son, Dog the Bounty Hunter will be returning to a TV near you.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, used the "n" word in a conversation with one of his sons about the son's girlfriend, who is black. The conversation was videotaped and the son was supposedly paid $15,000 to hand it over to a tabloid magazine.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was pulled off TV by the show's network, A&E. The network says the show will begin production, but it didn't say when the new episodes would begin airing.

"Since the premise of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' is about second chances - we have decided to give him one," an A&E spokesman said.

Funny, I thought the show was about a 50-something guy with long blonde hair in black leather duds running around Hawaii and kicking people’s butts while handheld cameras capture all the action and make the viewer dizzy…

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