Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Aaron in a Shocking Plot Twist on "Lost"

If you saw tonight's episode of "Lost," titled "Eggtown," it may have taken a while to lift your jaw off the floor after it dropped upon seeing the show's latest twist. I won't reveal it here, in case you haven't seen the episode, but I'm sure it will have The Fuselage , The Transmission, Jay and Jack, and the other "Lost" podcasts/message boards buzzing.

I'll just mention that it may call into question some of Desmond's fortunetelling abilities, among other things. And like many other reveals on "Lost," it creates more questions than it answers.

I wonder how much of baby Aaron we'll see in future episodes. Also, island time is much slower than real time (no, I'm not talking about Daniel Faraday's anomaly, but the fact that the three-plus seasons of "Lost" represent only 100 days or so in the Losties' lives. So they'll need another baby to play young Aaron, because the real baby we've seen as Aaron will be getting too big. Or maybe, like Walt, he'll just grow unnaturally fast, and Locke and Sawyer can call him Tall Aaron?

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