Friday, February 29, 2008

Michael Myers in "The Love Guru" - Movie Trailer

I've always been a fan of Michael Myers, so I was glad to see that the trailer is out for his new movie, "The Love Guru." Myers stars as an Indian guru (naturally) who counsels a hockey player to reunite with his wife, it seems. It's hard to tell from the trailer how good the movie will be, but I've liked Myers in everything from "So I Married an Axe Murderer" to "Wayne's World" and his SNL work, so I'll probably see it.

"The Love Guru" also stars the lovely Jessica Alba, and features Justin Timberlake (huh?) and Ben Kingsley... the man who played the title character in "Ghandi" many years ago.What's not to like? (Well, a couple of stars do not a good movie make, but I'll give Myers the benefit of the doubt.)

I just wish Myers had gotten his movie of "Sprockets" made. His Dieter character always made me laugh out loud when "Sprockets" was on SNL, with his "Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos," his oddly spastic dancing, and his "Would you like to touch my monkey?" schtick.

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