Thursday, February 21, 2008

Virgin Mary Pretzel for Sale on eBay

Whether you consider this sacred or profane is a matter of opinion, but someone has put on eBay a Rold Gold pretzel said to be the shape of the Virgin Mary. This seems to be the latest in the series of "religious icons in food" series, which included a grilled-cheese sandwich said to have burn marks that looked like the Holy Mother.

An article says the bidding price is up to $2 million, but it's hard to tell how many of the bids are serious. As the article points out, many of the bidders have very similar screen names, leading to the suspicion that one person of a group of people are bidding the price up intentionally as a joke.

Maybe some billionaire can eventually buy up all the holy food items and put them in one collection where they belong. I'm sure some people would pay admission to see them united.

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