Monday, January 28, 2008

The 6 Meter Club - An Elite Group

The 6 Meter Club is an elite group in the athletic community. It's made up of that select group of pole vaulters who have cleared 6.00 meters or higher.

You can find the entire list of the members of the 6 Meter Club here. Number one on the list is Sergei Bubka with a height of 615 cm. He was the first pole vaulter to break 6 meters and I believe still holds the world record in the event. He competed for the Soviet Union before it dissolved, and then for Ukraine.

I saw Sergei Bubka pole vault at an indoor track meet in the New York area many years ago... it may have been the Vitalis track meet at the Meadowlands Arena, or maybe the Mobil meet at Madison Square Garden.

His son, Sergei Bubka, Jr., is a professional tennis player, though he doesn't seem to be good enough to get into many of the major top-tier tournaments.

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