Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Lost" Season 4 Trailer and Series Recap - FREE on iTunes

If you want a refresher on the TV show "Lost" before Season 4 begins tomorrow night, iTunes is offering two free videos for you to download. Both are available at the iTunes store; scroll down to the section of the front page that say "free on iTunes" or something to that effect.

The first free "Lost" video is a Season 4 preview, the second is called "Lost in 8:15," which tries to sum up the entire series thus far. The second video sounds much less useful... anyone who's followed "Lost" knows that it's hard enough to summarize half a season of "Lost" in a one-hour show, much less three entire seasons in under 10 minutes. The creators realize this and have made the video a somewhat humorous recap narrated by a fast-talking woman who could easily do those car commercial voiceovers that explain 500 words of legalese in 22 seconds. ("Sun is pregnant. But Jin is sterile. What's up with that?")

But, if you've decided to get on board the "Lost" bandwagon and don't want to be totally, well, lost, this will help a bit.

You can also watch some of this same material on ABC's "Lost" Web site, which also features a "Locke music video." Now that sounds like fun...

The "Lost" season premiere kicks off with a special two-hour episode on January 31st, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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