Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chickipedia: An Online Reference of... Well, You Can Guess

You knew it had to happen. Ever since Wikipedia first appeared on the Web, we've seen wiki-style, user-edited online references on just about every topic imaginable. There's WikiHow, where people can submit all kinds of how-to articles, and even MicrobeWiki, a Web site about microscopic critters like protozoa.

Now we have Chickipedia, a user-edited wiki reference on, you guessed it, photos and info on women from all walks of life who could be loosely termed "hot chicks." With searches for pictures of female celebrities one of the most popular search terms in the 'Net, the only question is why it took so long for something like Chickipedia to appear.

As you'd expect from a site called Chickipedia, the emphasis is on sexy photos of the women, not on their college majors or their opinions on global warming. And the photos are good quality. While some are racy, there doesnt seem to be any overt porn on the site. While the text on each celeb is minimal, there are links to sites for more information, such as IMDB, the celeb's official site, etc., as well as to recent news items.

Here's something the more enthusiastic fans of the female form will like: not only arethe celeb's measurements are listed, but you can click a link to see a list of other celebs with the same measurements.

I'm sure for most guys, browsing through Chickipedia will be a hell of a lot easier than looking at pictures of amoebas.

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