Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dylan's Candy Bar Going Large

Dylan's Candy Bar is a candy, sweets, and related goodies shop on the East Side of Manhattan, and a magnet for tourists. It's got lots of candy and bright, candy-colored merchandise (pajamas, etc.), but what seems to be a big draw is that it's owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of uber-designer Ralph Lauren.

I read somewhere that the Web site "Ask Men" ranked Dylan Lauren second on the list of "hot billionaire daughters," putting her just behind Ivanka Trump. Who knew that someone kept a list of billionaire daughers? I didn't.

Dylan's Candy Bar is at 60th Street and Third Avenue, and you can be sure that it will be getting even more crowded in the weeks to come with Valentine's Day approaching. So I guess it's fitting that the store is expanding. It's already two floors, and I've read that it's adding on more room for parties.

UPDATE: I've discovered that Dylan's Candy Bar is not just a New York store: Ms. Lauren also has locations in The Hamptons and in malls in Houston, Orlando, and elsewhere.

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